Based on how much time we have been spending outside and Hilton’s tan lines you would think summer was here. But at last it’s not, and the spring showers have arrived. But we’ve had some fun adventures the past few weeks while the weather was nice. But really, can you get enough of this boys smile?!


2 months later

Well, here we are. Two months with Hilton and every day seems like the best day ever! He is growing so fast and is a big boy. He goes by Hil and loves to be outside with dad or in moms arms. Every day he learns new things and is so strong and smart.

We had his baby blessing at home on March 19th. Garrett said some of the sweetest words and we were lucky enough to have my whole family be here for it.

We’ve been blessed enough to both be able to be home all day and spend the last 2 months really getting to know Hil and his sweet little personality. Garrett has been in South Africa for the past 10 days doing his capstone project for his masters degree. I’ve been sending him photos here and there of Hil and he said the child already looks different from when he left. They really DO grow up too fast!

The past 10 days has given me a whole new appreciation for single moms and how hard it can be to have a small child all on your own! In one week Garrett will walk in his graduation ceremony and officially be done with his schooling!


While Garrett was in South Africa he turned 30! He was able to celebrate and ring in a new year of life in the coolest way.

I spent my mornings doing baby yoga with Hil and trying to get back into a normal routine.

We are currently packing up our little house and preparing to make the move back to Utah, this time we will be in Provo living close to my brothers! Though we don’t have jobs or anything lined up, I am really excited for this new adventure. Merced has been so good to us and living so close to both of our parents has been a dream, but I am ready to get back to the real world.

Hilton Cornelius Sherwood: Birth Story

Note: This needs some editing. Its long winded. And there are probably lots of errors. But my editor (Garrett, ha) is out of town and I wanted to get this all down before too much more time passed. I mean, the child is almost two months already!


Labored: 17+ hours.

Pushed: 3 hours

Baby delivered via C-section: 3:12 am February 27th

Weight: 8.4 lbs

Length: 21.5 inches

Name: Hilton Cornelius Sherwood

I once had a friend tell me can be “a little dicey.” She wasn’t kidding.

To tell you how I had planned Hilton’s birth to go would be pointless considering all is said and done, and really birthing can be so unpredictable. But, I will say I planned to labor at home, get to the hospital just in time to birth a healthy little boy naturally and head home the next day. (Had we been living anywhere else, this plan would have been different.)

But let’s get to it.
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Oh, hi.

I’ve had a few people ask me recently why I don’t blog any more (here or at thesaltybeatnik). And the only answer I could come up with was “….I don’t know.” After thinking about it for a few days I thought what better time then now to start blogging again with all of the big changes we have happening this year. (Do people even blog any more?)

It’s kind of strange that I haven’t written anything since February of last year considering we had a pretty big year.

So here is a quick recap. Our year in a nut shell if you will.

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All These Hands Are Tree Trunks

image (1)

Garrett is out of town again this weekend recording for the Llama Nation soundtrack. I dropped him off in Bear River where he was catching a ride with Ryan to Idaho. On the way home I found myself listening to (and singing along to) the Deep Love recording. Which made my mind go a million miles per hour. And before i knew it i was back home in Salt Lake wondering how i got there.

When I got home i went straight to what i know on a night home alone. Gilmore Girls, Dr. Pepper 10, and popcorn. But my mind kept going and going. Already missing Garrett (im a sap, i know) i grabbed his latest book of poetry All These Hands Are Tree Trunks and started a bubble bath.

I read it from front to back before exiting the bath.

and i bawled my eyes out.

Listening to Deep Love on the drive home and reading the poems  made me feel all sorts of feels. (and took me down memory lane. do you realize ive know garrett since the creation of deep love, pre garrett + brittany love, and have been there through it all?!)

Since day one of garrett + brittany we have had big dreams. and i mean BIG dreams. subconsciously on the way home listening to deep love and consciously while sitting in the bathtub i realized that our BIG dreams are happening.

Come May 21st we are packing up, quitting our jobs, moving out, and chasing these big dreams. And i’m scared. more scared than i realized. but i am also so so so excited. Though May 21st is a small step when you look at the big picture. Its a small step that leads to big things.

We’re chasing our dreams. Garrett supports me in all of my crazy ideas. and i him.

Things will and are falling into place. With lots of patience and hard work everything will work out.

I just know it.